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Hawaiian White Plumeria Plant

Grow Hawaii ~ Plumeria Plant Cuttings FAQ's
Most frequently asked questions about Plumeria plants
and how to grow them

Hawaiian Pink Plumeria Plant

How do I grow my Plumeria cutting successfully?

Plumeria cuttings are cut from mature blooming trees and allowed to "scab" for 2-3 weeks.  This allows the Plumeria to dry out and root.  Water it, and allow to dry out before watering again.
The biggest mistake causing failure is over watering. Until it has roots, it can't use the water. Place in a warm, sunny location. Most Plumeria cuttings are established within 90 days.

What type of soil do I plant my Plumeria in?

Do Not put the Plumeria cutting in water to sprout. Plumeria plants require well draining potting soil. Plant cuttings cut side down about 4" in a porous sandy potting soil. Adding at least 50% perlite to potting mix can increase drainage. If you want to give your Plumeria a real Hawaiian mix, add Hawaiian Volcanic cinder lava rock from our eBay store to your potting mix.

What type of plant food should I give my Plumeria?

A timed release fertilizer of 16-16-16 is what the Plumeria is accustomed to, however you can use a liquid fertilizer according to the directions. Do Not fertilize while plant is dormant or until the cutting is established.

All the leaves on my Plumeria turned black and fell off. What do I do?

This is part of the normal cycle of the Plumeria. The leaves fall off in late fall and it looks like a stick until early spring when it starts to grow new leaves and flowers. No food and minimal water until it starts grow again. Once it starts to grow in spring, you can increase the food and water. As long as the stalk doesn't get mushy, it's good.

How long until my Plumeria blooms?

The Plumeria cuttings are cut from mature blooming trees. Once the cutting becomes established, you should get blooms in 1-2 years. The rooted Plumeria (seasonal item) should bloom the first year as they are already established. You will have to wait several years for the first bloom when starting from seed.

I live in a cold climate and really would love to grow a Plumeria. Any tricks to growing inside during the winter?

Plumeria plants do require full sun and temperatures between 60 - 90 F. Put your Plumeria in a sunny south facing window. You can also supplement with a grow bulb for extra light and warmth. Don't over water in the winter. In the spring when it warms up, repot it up one size and gradually move outside for summer.

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