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Kukui Nut Oil & Hawaii's State Tree
Learn more about Kukui Oil from Oils of Aloha

Kukui - Hawaii's State Tree

In 1959 the Kukui nut tree became the official state tree of Hawaii. It's classified aleurites moluccana. Since scientists have found traces of Kukui pollen in ancient geological deposits, it might be assumed that the Kukui nut tree is native to Hawaii.

Of all the Hawaiian trees, the Kukui has the lightest color foliage. Silver-greyish powdery leaves make it quite conspicuous in the forest and it is easily spotted. Trees grow on the lower slopes of the mountains, mostly in gulches. When cramped in narrow gulches, the trunks grow straight upwards attaining heights of 80 feet or more, with diameters of about 2 1/2 feet.

Trees branch 30 feet or more above the ground and at the end of the branches small greenish white flowers bloom. These flowers, along with the trees distinctive leaves, are often seen entwined in leis.

The fruit of the Kukui is about 2-inches in diameter. The outer part of the fruit is a hard green covering about 1/4- inch thick when immature and as it matures it turns a dark grayish-black and softens. This portion of the fruit decays rapidly after it falls to the ground. Enclosed within are one or two hard, stone like, wrinkled nuts. When young the shell of the nut is whitish, but as it matures it turns brown, then black.

Hundreds of years ago Hawaiians discovered that when the shells were removed from Kukui nuts and the kernels lightly roasted a clear oil could be pressed out. This was an excellent penetrating oil that when smoothed on the skin soothed and softened sunburns and irritations. New born babies were bathed in this easily absorbed oil.

This treasured health and beauty secret has been rediscovered by Oils of Aloha and is produced today in the same pure form as it was years ago. This unique oil quickly penetrates even the driest skin to deliver moisture and improve texture. Kukui nut oil creates a protective shield without clogging pores, while it locks in moisture.

All vegetable oils are not created equal! Kukui nut oil contains very high levels of the essential fatty acids linolenic and alpha-linolenic.

Kukui nut oil is readily absorbed by the skin providing tissues with essential elements. Kukui oil provides effective treatment for the symptoms of eczema, psoriasis, dry skin and acne.

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